Grand Valley Transit is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or defaced passes.  Do not bend, scratch or otherwise damage your pass.  This will cause it to be unreadable.  Replacement passes will not be issued. 

One day pass $3.75

Seven day pass (fixed route)                       NOW AVAILABLE 6/21/19

*Please note the farebox will say ride instead of day and this is simply a programming issue but the pass is good for 7 days of use.

Eleven ride pass (paratransit & Dial-A-Ride) $33.00
Monthly pass - Youth/Senior $22.50
Monthly pass - Adult $45.00
Student semester pass $60.00
Six-month pass - Youth/Senior $115.00
Six-month pass - Adult $150.00
Annual pass - Youth/Senior $195.00
Annual pass - Adult $275.00
  • Day passes may be purchased on the bus with cash only.  If you do not have exact change, you will be issued a change card which is only usable on GVT buses for future rides.
  • Adult fares apply to persons 18 years & over.

  • Children 3 years and younger ride free with a paying passenger.

  • Half-fares of $.75 will apply to any person presenting their Medicaid or Medicare Card, persons with disabilities and seniors 65 years and older, 6:15 A.M. until 10:15 A.M. Monday-Friday and all day Saturday.

  • All passes may be obtained at the GVT downtown and west transfer facilities. If purchasing with a credit card, a $15 minimum purchase is required.  One day and monthly passes may be obtained at all local City Markets.

  • Any attempt to tamper with, alter, misuse, copy and/or otherwise produce counterfeit passes will result in arrest and prosecution.

  • Passes are non-transferable and are only valid for transportation of the person issued the pass.

  • Do not provide your pass to another person or attempt to use another person's pass. The pass will be confiscated and not returned.

  • Any attempt to defraud Grand Valley Transit or misrepresent eligibility for pass programs in any way will result in the confiscation of the passes and suspension of service.

  • Be sure to read all the rules for riding Grand Valley Transit buses.


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