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Route Route Name Format
1 Airport  Web  Map  Pdf
2 Patterson  Web  Map  Pdf
3 Orchard Avenue  Web  Map  Pdf
4 Palisade  Web  Map  Pdf
5 Midtown  Web  Map  Pdf
6 Orchard Mesa  Web  Map    Pdf
7 College Connector  Web  Map    Pdf
8 Fruita  Web  Map  Pdf
9 North Avenue 5:15am-8:05pm  Web  Map  Pdf
9b North Avenue 8:15am-5:05pm  Web  Map  Pdf
10 Clifton  Web  Map  Pdf
11 Shopping Malls  Web  Map  Pdf

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Contact Information
525 S. 6th Street, First Floor
(Corner of 6th St. &
South Ave.)
Grand Junction, CO 81501

(970) 256-RIDE (7433)

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