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How to Ride 

  • New to riding Grand Valley Transit buses? This section will help you learn everything you need to know using GVT, including buying your fare and getting on the bus, and provides helpful tips to make your trip even easier!

    Rules for Riding
    Statement of Rights

     Learn to Ride GVT at Travel Training programs 

  • Fares and Passes

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  •  Buying Tickets (fares)
     What is the fare to ride the bus?
     Where can I get a monthly pass?

  • Get on Board

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  •  Bringing your bike on the bus

    Grand Valley Transit provides bike racks on every bus for your convenience. Ride the bus to your destination for the same low price you would normally pay, and your bike rides for free!

     Riding the bus

    Read the Rules for Riding, Statement of RightsADA information

     What bus do I take

     Where are the bus stop locations

    • Blue, Red, and White Grand Valley Transit (GVT) bus stop signs are posted at stop locations
    • You can view individual bus stop locations by selecting a route from the Schedules page
    Bus Stop Sign
    Bus Stop Sign

  • Getting There

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  •  How late does the bus operate

    You can access the Hours of Operation page for information on all routes or access the schedules page to view information on the individual routes

     How often do the buses run

    • Once every hour Monday - Saturday starting at 4:45am.
    • Access the Schedules page for more information

     How to use GVT

    • For Grand Valley Transit (GVT) riders, look for the closest GVT stop or check the schedule for the closest time indicator near your point of origin.
    • Check the appropriate bus route schedule and plan to arrive five minutes early.
    • Check the "head sign" located at the front of the bus for the appropriate route for your destination.  The sign tells you the route number and name, which matches the information on your schedule.  Board only the Grand Valley Transit (GVT) bus with the number and route name of your choosing, as a number of bus routes may use the same location for pick-up and drop-off.
    • When boarding the bus, it is important to remember that the bus operator cannot make change.  Please have fare or pass ready for operator prior to boarding the bus.  This promotes quicker loading & unloading as well as on time performance.
    • Training is available to assist individuals with disabilities, seniors, and persons with special needs on how to use Grand Valley Transit (GVT).  This is a free service offered by Grand Valley Transit (GVT).  Our goal is to encourage the use of GVT Routes to meet the needs of all GVT area residents.  For information about using this service, call Grand Valley Transit (GVT) at  (970) 256- RIDE (7433).

     Planning Your Trip

    • Pickup a Schedule
      • available on all the Grand Valley Transit (GVT) buses
      • available at local businesses throughout the area
      • call Grand Valley Transit (GVT) at (970) 256- RIDE (7433)  and request one to be mailed to you
      • or view Routes/Schedules section
    • Use the system map to find the stop location nearest to you.  On the schedules, the bus travels from the top to the bottom of each schedule.

     Using SPOT to track buses

    Learn about GVT's bus tracking system SPOT

     Where can I get schedules for Grand Valley Transit routes

    • Grand Valley Transit Office
    • Onboard the buses
    • Schedules Page
    • Mesa County Public Library (5th Street and Grand Avenue)
    • Various businesses throughout the Grand Valley
    • Schedules can also be sent to you by mail

     Who do I call to get more information

    Grand Valley Transit (GVT) Office at (970) 256-7433
    Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm, excluding major holidays.

  • Connections to Regional Public Transportation
  • These are public transportation opportunites that will take you beyond the Grand Valley.  Click on the bullet to learn more about each regional service.   

    Did you know GVT has bus stops close to all of these regional connections? Feel free to call (970) 256- RIDE (7433) for assistance locating these stops.

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